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The best and the worst celebrity legs
Tuesday, November 28, 2006
There are some of you that know this, but for those who does not know - Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) has the worst legs among celebrities.

The former Spice Girl tops a list which also includes Madonna, Simple Life star Nicole Richie and the long-legged Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud. Than Nikki Grahame from Big Brother, Jennie McAlpine from Coronation Street and Sarah Dunn from Hollyoaks.

Kelly Brook's curvy physique catapults her to the top of the "best legs" chart.

But svelte supermodel Kate Moss takes second place followed by US singer Beyonce.

Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson, 43, flies the flag for the more mature woman in seventh place.

The survey of over 3000 men and women was conducted for Lambrini, which is searching for the sexiest legs for a new fashion campaign with Pretty Polly.

Best legs

1. Kelly Brook

2. Kate Moss

3. Beyonce

4. Cameron Diaz

5. Mischa Barton

6. Paris Hilton

7. Elle Macpherson

8. Christina Aguilera

9. Coleen McLoughlin

10. Cheryl Cole

Worst legs

1. Victoria Beckham

2. Nicole Richie

3. Jade Goody

4. Nikki Grahame

5. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

6. Jennie McAlpine

7. Nadine Coyle

8. Sarah Dunn

9. Madonna

10. Teri Hatcher
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Know your country flag!
Monday, November 27, 2006
We have more than 200 different flags on our planet, but new ones come all the time.
It is hard to precisely confirm when was one ordinary piece of cloth, attached to a wooden pole, got shape that we know of today – shape of flag.
But we do know that it was always used as loyalty to certain divinity, leader or country.

For that intention, even the ancient Egyptians and Assyrians attached to their spears stiff flags with symbols of their Gods. Members of The Twelve Tribes of Israel used symbols of a lion, star or a ship, while on flags of ancient Greeks, there were figures of animals or letters. Historians do, however, agree that of all ancient people, ancient Rome used its banners at most and mostly as confirmation of its sovereignity.

Therefore they believe that Roman Empire Vexilum is precursor of today’s flags, even though it was attached to a laid down holder. Particularly, flags attached laterally to a pole, first showed up in China, and brought to the west by Arabs. Although we have more than 200 different national flags today, there are a lot of similarities between them, thanks to heraldry, whose basic rules for making of flags and crests haven’t changed since XI century, when it was common that every soldier wears symbols of its nobleman.

When kings couldn’t remember all those symbols, heraldic would explain to them during great battles, who is who and for who does he fought. One of the basic rules of heraldry for making of a flag is: alternatively placement of light and dark colors, that have to be clear and recognizable in a great distance.

Results of a study from 1999 shows that bloody red color, that in heraldry symbolizes prudence in battle, dominates among national symbols in the world. It is present on 74% of flags, than comes white color – color of peace and chastity (71%) and azure color – symbol of loyalty and truth (50%).

Meaning of colors in heraldry

- Gold or Yellow - generosity
- Silver or White - peace and chastity
- Black - stability, rarely sorrow
- Azure - loyalty, truth
- Red - courage and generosity
- Green - hope, joy, sometimes loyalty
- Purple - emperor's dignity, independence and righteousness
- Bloody Red - prudence in battle

Dark an light colors

According to that heraldry rule, color must not touch another color, or metallic with metallic.
So we place alternatively light color, metallic color (gold and silver, symbolized by yellow and white) and dark color like black, red, blue or green. Appliance of that rule can be seen on flags of Belgium, Greece, Netherlands and France.





Only exception from this rule is allowed for a flag of Vatican, where we have direct contact of two metallic colors – white and yellow.


Among newer flags, flag of South Africa stands out. It was adopted in 1994 and in compliance with rules of heraldry, it tells the whole history of this country: red, white and blue are “borrowed” from Netherlands flag.

South Africa

Independent Etiopia

Green, yellow and red, Ethiopian flag,


created in the end of XIX century, was a role model for many flags in Africa - Ghana, Congo, Senegal, Togo, Burkina Faso, Benin, Cameroon, Mali, Guinea Bissau.


Guinea Bissau







Because that country in Eastern Africa was the only one that kept its independence during colonialism, except during the short occupation by Italy from 1936-1941.

Stars arise

Stars and stripes, like on a USA flag,


are on many national flags of countries of Central America and South America - Cuba, Panama, Chile, Puerto Rico.



Puerto Rico

USA stars and stripes were borrowed by Liberia, because it was founded by former American slaves.


Circle as a Sun

For a circle in the centre of a flag, several Asian countries decided to put it on. But for those countries it has different meaning.
Hinomaru or red circle on a white base of Japan's flag represents Sun disc.


White circle on a flag of Laos symbolizes Full Moon.


Blue and red circle, surrounded by black symbols, on a flag of South Korea represents balance between four basic elements: sky, earth, water and fire.

South Korea

North likes cross

Cross is one of the oldest symbols on a flag and it is found on a banner of Denmark, Finland and Sweden.



Danish flag "daneborg" is one of the world's oldest, it was created during the Crusades.


By Miki
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Paris sings to Hefner
Saturday, November 25, 2006
Paris Hilton sings "Happy Birthday" to Hugh Hefner.

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Big cigar
Thursday, November 23, 2006
This cigar is 101 foot long. I don't know how they are going to smoke it but it looks good.

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Hook up with any girl you want - 100% success rate
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
This technique is so fool-proof that it's got a 100% success rate. It has never, ever failed. Ever. One thing before you start to read, this was recommended by a girl. So let us see what she wrote for us.

1) The key to getting any girl you want is wanting the right girl. Don't aim too high. Make it a point to choose only an ugly girl -- really ugly -- or poor -- really poor. Preferrably both.

2) Tell her she looks pretty. Most really ugly girls have never heard this before because they're truly hideous. Choose the ugliest thing about her (As if you can narrow it down to one...) and compliment on them. "Man, your thighs aren't extremely fat." "Those teeth don't look like yellow tombstones in a cartoon cemetery!" She'll be flattered.

3) Spend exorbitant amounts of money on her. However, if you chose the right girl, seven dollars can qualify as "exorbitant amounts." Most poor, ugly girls have never eaten in restaurants. Hell, they've never eaten burgers that aren't served in mini paper bags. Offer her a chicken dinner with all the trimmings at the local International House of Poultry. If your municipality does not have an IHOP -- a chicken coop, a hatchet, a can-do attitude, and thyme will suffice. Butchering a chicken on a first date may seem crass, but you can use the feathers for an arts and crafts project on your second date! Tracing your hand and making a turkey is an aphrodesiac, especially if that poor uggo you've been eyeing never went to first grade. If this isn't going well, you can tell her you will loan her five dollars to mend her tattered coat if she'll give you oral sex. Remember, it's only prostitution if she spends the money on booze.

4) If all else fails, beg like a homeless veteran. Fall onto your knees and plead with her. Begin crying as you tell her "Please, I just wanna get with you, baby. Just the tip! I promise I wont tell anybody. I'm the only one on earth who calls you pretty. I'm the only one on earth who would willingly feed you, this is the only opportunity you will ever get to feel somebody inside of you. Why are you denying us that!? Please... I'm begging you." Bitch will totally fall for it.

5) Afterwards, be courteous. She may say something to the effect of "Please, take me back to my shack," or "Why are you rummaging in my purse? I don't have any money, and my breath mints are made of sawdust..." If this happens, jam a cookie in her mouth. You'll get silence, and she'll get even tubbier. Also, you'll probably want to kick her out of your moving car while travelling at a high speed, but if you're polite enough to slow down to a reasonable 20-25 mph, she'll appreciate it. Word about how considerate you are will start to circulate, and you'll start to get better-quality ladies.
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Terrible pick-up lines
Tuesday, November 21, 2006
We have heard dozens of good pick-up lines.
But let us see some really bad, devastating pick-down lines.

My favorites:

"That shirt is very becoming on you...can I jizz on it?"

"Why don't you sit in my lap and we'll see what pops up? Probably my splintered femurs under your massive girth."

"If looks could kill, you wouldn't be the least bit threatening."

"Cum here often?" (pointing at her vagina) Mind if I do?

"Nice shoes, wanna duck?" (punch her in throat)

"Are you tired? Because you've been running for President of Ugly-sylvania all day."

"I lost my credit card number...can I have yours?"

"Is that a mirror in your pocket, you vain bitch?"

"Somebody call Heaven ....I just ran over a kid."

"Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only person with bad teeth and a pronounced Southern drawl I see."

"Did it hurt? When you fell from the roof of your three story house as a baby, rendering your face utterly useless and unattractive."

"That dress looks good on you, but it would look better on someone much more attractive."

"Can I borrow a quarter? I want to call your mom and ask if I can borrow five hundred bucks."

"If I were to rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I as far apart as humanly possible. I would also even put some letters in between, if that's what it took. I've been working on a Q/K hybrid."

"Do you have a little Italian in you? Because you smell like a fat greasy plumber eating salami."

"Was your dad an astrologist? Because he stole all the stars in the night sky and put them in your eyes. Also, I'm looking for a summer internship in that field...and I'm willing to fuck my way to the top"

"I hope you know CPR. Because that would probably be the only thing you have going for yourself at this point."

"What's your sign? "Stop?" That's real witty, you slut. We'll see if you still have a sense of humor after tonight."

"Can I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more sweaty and more lazy..."

"Baby, a night with me is like September 11th: A little shaky and sad at first, but once I get you in bed, game over!"
posted by Miki @ 19:13   1 comments
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