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All the eights for baby Lulu
Friday, August 17, 2007
Baby was born in Liverpool at 8.08am on the eighth day of the eighth month weighing 8lbs after her mum endured eight hours of labour.
Mel Byrne, 31, gave birth to Lulu with help from Chinese-born midwife Bea Fung, who helped deliver eight babies that day, reports the Daily Mirror.

Mrs Fung said: "In Chinese culture the number eight is considered very lucky. I was watching the clock as the birth approached and was counting the minutes and she arrived at just the right time.
"Straight away I told Mel and Pete their daughter was very lucky indeed."

Mrs Fung, who has been at Liverpool Women's Hospital for 33 years, added: "The number of eights linked to Lulu is incredible. I consider myself very lucky to have been there."
The couple, from Woolton, Liverpool, already have a two-year-old daughter, Maisy.

Photographer Peter, 30, said: "Bea was very excited and kept telling us how lucky we were and how lucky Lulu is.
"I think I will be letting Lulu choose the lottery numbers as soon as she is old enough."
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Smudge of Jesus sold
An oil stain on a garage floor that vaguely resembles the face of Jesus has fetched more than £750 in an online auction.

Deb Serio found the image on her garage floor in Forest, Virginia, and sold it on eBay for $1,525.69, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Ms Serio, a high school teacher, said she was surprised anyone wanted to buy the oily slab of concrete.
"I really never thought I'd get any (money), to be honest," she said.

She received hundreds of messages from around the world from people interested in the "smudge of Christ".
The family has now hired a contractor to remove the section of concrete.

The slab will then be delivered to the winner of the online auction, who is identified only as 'islandoffthecoast'.
An active Lutheran, Ms Serio considers the smudge a slightly odd occurrence, rather than a divine sign or miracle.

"There are some people who need this kind of thing to sort of start them on their faith journey. I don't," she said.
"That's why I don't mind parting with it."
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Man's 1,500 mile inner-tube voyage
Chinese man has drifted more than 1,500 miles down the country's longest river in a tyre inner-tube.

Cheng Yanhua, 41, took 43 days to finish the journey along the Yangtze river from his home town of Jinzhou city to Shanghai.
He undertook the journey because he wanted to promote the Olympic spirit, reports the Shanghai Evening Post.

Cheng said: “I put a basin in the tire for my feet, while sitting on a board on top of the tire. And I had two small bamboo paddles. That was all.
“All day long I drifted on the current and with the wind. The two paddles were to control direction and speed.”

But at his last stop, less than an hour’s journey to his final destination, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Cheng was spotted by Shanghai water patrol, who forced him to land, fearing he would disturb normal water traffic.

However, the patrol sent him to the tower on a coastguard cutter to complete his journey.
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World record smash for rollercoaster fan
Sunday, August 12, 2007
A university lecturer yesterday broke the world record for time spent on a rollercoaster - and is still going strong.

At midnight yesterday, Richard Rodriguez, 48, beat the previous holder by clocking up nine days and 12 hours, reports the Daily Record.

The American said: "I feel I can do it for another week. I want to set a record that can never be beaten.
"As a kid, I was frightened of rollercoasters but I have learned to love them."

Richard has been riding Europe's tallest rollercoaster - the 60mph Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

In that time, the Chicago-based record-breaker has travelled 4126 miles - more than the 3950-mile return trip to his home city - during 16 rides each hour.

Richard has eaten, drunk and slept on the ride, only swapping to the Big Dipper at night for safety reasons.

His record has been watched by Guinness Book Of Records officials, who allow him five minutes an hour for a comfort break. Richard said: "I have had everything - thunder and lightning and now sun. My only problem has been wind burn."

German rival Frank Rossler had already pulled out of the head-to-head challenge, as his effort on the Boomerang ride in Bavaria failed due to dehydration.
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